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Our Fall 2022 Picnic will be held on September 10, 2022 - at North Lake Park - South Shelter

The 4th annual LHS Class of ’68 picnic will be held on Saturday, Sept 10th, 2022 in the south shelter at the North Lake Park, SE corner of 29th and Taft, Loveland. From: 11:30am until 3pm.

Pot Luck: Bring a “dish” to share - and a lawn chair if desired. And please feel free to bring your own food if you have food allergies etc. Plates, utensils, napkins etc, water/soft drinks will be provided


Hope to see you there… if you need more info contact Mark Radtke at MVRadtke@yahoo.com.

If you have MOVED: please advise Bev Wehr of you new address: B.wehr@comcast.net. THANKS!!!

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LHS Honors Vietnam Veterans Who Graduated from the School

May 5, 2022 by Will Costello, Loveland Reporter Herald

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Loveland High School Junior ROTC students on Thursday officially revealed a project that they’ve been working on since last year, a hallway dedicated to veterans of the Vietnam War that graduated from LHS.

The hallway features photos and biographies of various Vietnam veterans living and dead who attended the school, framed and drilled into the wall, to serve as a permanent reminder.

The dedication came after the last of a series of panels featuring veterans of the war in Vietnam, many of whom are themselves on the wall.

Dennis Lee Swartz, an Army veteran who served as an artilleryman in Vietnam, spoke on a panel on Wednesday, sharing his experiences in the war with students.

“There were some that were really interested,” Swartz said on Thursday about the students’ reaction to his remarks.

The biographies and photographs were prepared in large part by students, who also drilled into the wall and fastened the framed recognitions so that they could remain there permanently.

The longer biographies also include QR codes that can be scanned on a cellphone, so that all of the information included can be read by students or visitors to the high school.

“At first, you know, kids were kids,” said Warrant Officer 3 James Ysebaert, the teacher who organized the project. “But once they got into it, they really got into it.”

Some students in a geometry and construction class came up with the idea to laser-engrave a sign that hangs above the dedication, bearing the inscription “LHS Wall of Honor.”

The reception from veterans so far has been positive, Ysebaert said.

“I think they really like looking at it, and every time they look at it they see somebody they went to high school with 50 years ago,” he said.

The veterans had an impact on the students as well.

“When you look at them, you’ve really got to understand where they’re coming from, the stuff they had to do, the things they’ve seen, it’s pretty crazy,” said sophomore Harper Fundalinski, a JROTC member who worked on the project. “For them to come back and explain their experiences for us to almost study in a way, is very important. And not a lot of people get to experience this and understand it. The sacrifices they made, it’s absolutely above the bar.”


Jack Crow's Update on the Veteran's Plaza/Memorial Project

May 25, 2022

I wanted to update everyone on what is going on with the City of Loveland, with Veteran's plaza/memorials. We met with Dan Willadsen from the parks and rec yesterday at the entrance to Loveland Sports Park. We thought we had already decided on a site within the park, but the parks staff said there would be too much risk of vandalism inside the park boundaries. They then suggested the entrance to the park, which has about 3/4 of an acre that could make a very nice and easy access to get to. This is where we met and all agreed that it would be the best site for what we are trying to accomplish.

In the mean time the JR ROTC Cadets have removed all the pavers and memorials from Loveland High School and are being kept in storage. The city now needs to come up with the plan, design, engineering, and construction. Right now we are looking at 4-6 months just to get the ball rolling to start all these phases. The positive note is that we have all agreed on where the site will be. We all have to be patient in this process, which has taken more than six months since we approached the city with our idea. It is like being on God's time (which is better)!

When the time comes that the process starts to unfold, we will be soliciting for donations. Right now we do have a few bucks in storage, but not enough to even come close. Be patient, is the command sent forward!

On another note, I was selected to go on the Northern Colorado Honor Flight to tour the war memorials in Washington DC, May 15th and 16th. What an honor to be in the company of so many veteran's of WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, and Enduring Freedom. Talk about emotional check! Well, to make a long story short, I sat next to this fellow veteran on the airplane, we introduced ourselves and come to find out this persons name was Terry Ritenour!! Talk about a small world, we had a lot to talk about. He was a Marine in Vietnam, and stepped on a land mine, which took off one of his legs. He did mention that he would love to talk and get to know everyone again. If anyone wants to talk to him let me know via email and I will give his number and address to you. WOW!!

Here is the final list of names that are on the engraved pavers for the memorial. Thank you for your support in getting the recognition of our Veteran's. God Bless!

Jack Crow

LHS-1968 Vets


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